Affordable & Equitable

Low Cost

Not only does the Teach ME System solve a need by bringing the teacher and classroom to the student, it does it at an affordable price. Further, it is equitable. There are no requirements that students have internet at home.

Pricing is such that each student can have a Video Notebook for the year, a supply of weekly exchange items (School Bag & USB), and School Masks.

A full package will cost much less than laptops or tablets.

Let’s get the conversation started! Here’s what we need to know:

…a better system

  • No Internet.
  • Truly Portable.
    Long battery life
  • No Computers.
    No computer fatigue
    No distractions
  • Flexible Viewing Schedule for Students.
    Pause, rewind, play again
    Works with student’s pace
    Works with student’s learning style
    Works with home setting
  • Flexible Recording for Teachers.
    Record in consecutive sessio ns
    Record from home or school
    Record live sessions in classroom
  • Taught by Your Teachers.
    Traditional methods:
    Hand written home work
    Teacher graded tests
    (No On-line Learning or Test Taking)
    Familiar curriculum
  • Weekly Exchange.
    Graded papers, homework, tests
    …and maybe a personal note
  • Retains teacher / student connection.

All items are customized for the school. Tell us about the school needs and we’ll build the perfect package.